Since day one we've had the pleasure of working with great clients in both a project related (new website) and support / maintenance related capacity.  Very early on we realised that the nature of support work, client relationships, processes and deliverables are VERY different for the two delivery streams (project and support).  It seems obvious to say that support and maintenance can often be very reactive compared to a more predicted project delivery process.

To facilitate this we launched and operate our offering - a specialist team and process specifically catering for clients who require both Umbraco support and Sitecore support following the launch of their website.  The service typically includes scheduled Umbraco maintenance and Sitecore maintenance as well as bug support, new feature development and on-going strategic support to ensure that either a Umbaco website or Sitecore website is supported, operational and efficient after launch.

It was therefore a pleasure to be interviewed by specifically on this subject where we discussed exactly how we go about delivering our support and maintenance contracts, with a few other subjects discussed along the way too:

  • Why we chose to split the team between project work and support services
  • How the transition actually happened and some of the complications that occurred
  • What kinds of support contracts we offer to their clients
  • Why keeping your existing clients happy is arguably more important than getting new ones
  • The two biggest changes we made that had the largest impact

You can listen to the interview and podcast here and a big thanks to Barry O'Kane for the opportunity.