Mayfly Media are an Umbraco partner. But what does it all mean? What does becoming a partner entail, and what does it say about the company. Most importantly, why you should you employ us as a Umbraco certified partner over another company?

To become an Umbraco partner, the company in question has to employ developers that have passed a certain number of Umbraco examinations and training courses. Umbraco currently runs two tiers of certification programs and at present the minimum requirement for becoming a certified partner equates to 4 certifications.

Mayfly Media are an Umbraco partner, we have the required number of of certifications and this is what it says about us:

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to build Umbraco websites. Believe me, we have inherited some terrible Umbraco websites from freelance developers that have never undertaken an Umbraco certification. This is evident in the way Umbraco is setup, configured and developed against. The code is sloppy, the architecture is malformed. Generally a certain degree of re-development is required to bring the site up to a standard that can be built upon easily in the future - which is what Umbraco was built for! It's a flexible and scaleable platform, so lets use it in a way that will make it easier in the future.

I guess what I am trying to say is that although you might find an Umbraco developer out there who can build a site for you at a small cost, without a Umbraco certification under their belt, there is no guarantee that what is being built for you is of any level of quality. The best practices, standards and procedures that are taught on the Umbraco level 1 certification course and the Umbraco level 2 certification course really set the foundations for a website that is scaleable, performant and stable and also one that can be taken on by any other Umbraco certified developer.

Take this theory up to the next level and it is easy to see why using an Umbraco partner guarantees that what you receive back when you invest in a website is one that has been built by a team of certified developers, all bouncing ideas and best practices off each other to ensure that the end result exceeds expectations.

You might pay a little more in the process but rest assured that when it comes to Umbraco developers you really do get what you pay for.