We have just started using Geckoboard at Mayfly.

Our goal was to find a tool that allows us to improve the visibility of our KPIs, both to inform and motivate members of the team, via the TV screen in the studio.

Geckoboard is a super-quick way to create awesome looking dashboards to instantly display an instant overview of your data. With over 60 integrations available out of the box, there are limitless possibilities for widgets! There's no coding needed, just choose an integration and you're off. Data updates in almost real time.

You can setup custom widgets which poll data feeds then present your data in a visually appealing way. It's even possible to upload your own custom styles if you're on their "Team" plan.

So far, we're displaying financial statistics such as how much we have billed this month along with profit targets to hit. This data is driven from the spreadsheets we use internally for this purpose and is beautifully presented into graphs, tables or charts as we desire.

Mayfly Dashboard

We have added widgets from Pingdom (for monitoring website uptime), charts driven from Zendesk (for showing the burn-down for our support client tickets) and the passing / failing builds from our Teamcity build server.

We're only just getting started exploring this tool, and we plan to explore the possibilities of what Geckoboard can offer us in the future.