The use of NoSQL databases has exploded in the past few years as our big-data needs grow. The ability to scale data, perform queries across billions of records and share data across multiple servers is becoming the norm for any large application. Facebook, Google, Reddit, and many more tech-giants are flocking to non-relational database systems for their storage needs.

MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, Bigtable, Cassandra and CouchDB are some of the few and more popular solutions available today. Most solutions store data as JSON documents.

PouchDB is a JavaScript implimentation of Apache's CouchDB, allowing you to run a CouchDB database in the browser.

By installing the PouchDB server via NPM on your CouchDB server, you can easily synchronise your data. It enables applications to store data locally while offline, then synchronise it with your CouchDB instance when the application is back online, keeping the user's data in sync no matter where they next login.

It's lightweight too - just 34KB!

And now, as of yesterday, there are "PouchDB-Inspector" extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, which allow you to inspect the data stored in your PouchDB from within the browser.