A bit of a delay getting this one posted, but here's our tech breakfast post for 2nd March!


Flukeout is a little game to help you learn CSS selectors. The user types in the correct selector to complete each level.

The Flukeout game is very useful and fun, even if you are a CSS wiz kid (like young Callum). It's a great interactive experience with exceptional graphics, and is hopefully the first of many interactive tools for teaching CSS.


There has been at least one time where a developer has wanted to tail some log files. For those not aware of tailing, to tail a log file is to display the tail end of a set of data, whether it be from a log file or from a direct pipe of data.

While there are other tailing utilities out there for Windows and Linux, very few of them look as nice as TailBlazer. A decent foundation has been set, and I hope to see fruther improvements to make TailBlazer the de-facto choice of tailing logs on Windows.


JukeDesk is a site that allows you to create unique, royalty-free music for your use in videos, games, or anything else you require music for, using artificial intelligence.

Using Machine Learning algorithms, JukeDeck is able to write completely unique music each time that flows together into a given track.

Google Analytics Debugger

Sometimes, you're working on a site with Google Analytics installed and something isn't quite right. Your site is obviously popular, but apparently no one is using it, or your goals are left unfulfilled.

Enter Google Analytics Debugger. This Chrome extension prints useful information to the Chone JS console. Using the debug version of Google Analytics, this prints various messages that are being sent to and from Google Analyics, from error messages, to tracking beacons being sent off. Never incorrectly miss a goal again!

Content Modeling in Jekyll

We're in the business of building content-driven websites, but sometimes even the best, those that have gone through the delicate task of content modeling hundreds of times, struggle.

This blog post by Steve Hickey outlines an approach to content modeling using the static site generator Jekyll. We can use Jekyll to build up a platform-agnostic content modelling prototype site. We can see Content Modelling as Objects, Object Attributes, and Object Relationships. This very easily allows us to build up and quickly model content in a platform agnostic-way.


Codeology is an open-source project that reimagines code by bringing it to life visually. The combination of programming languages in each GitHub project determines its look: as no two pieces of original code are exactly alike, no two Codeology forms are either.

It's quite fun to chuck a few GitHub repositories into this and see what happens. While they look a bit like they belong at the end of a level in Lylat Wars, they are quite pretty when you start toying with them. Also, on mobile, you can tilt the 3D view!


I'm a big fan of John Oliver (of Mock The Week, The Daily Show, Community, and now Last Week Tonight fame) and once again he knocked it out of the park with his recent segment on Donald Trump (or Donald Drumpf).

If his bit on Trump was to your tastes as well, here is a Chrome plugin that will replace any instance of Trump with Drumpf.

5D data storage

The world is generating more data today than we ever did years ago, but all that data needs to exist somewhere, and ideally it needs to last. While I'm not overly fussed about people in the year 3000 watching Busted's guess at what the future entails, there's a lot being made today that should be available to future generations.

The University of Southamption are to the rescue with a major step forward in digital data storage that may survive whatever the human race can throw at it. The medium allows 360TB of data to be stored on nanostructured glass discs, which can survive against huge temperatures and pressures without damaging the ability to read the data again.

DNA lifestyle coach

Currently, there is an endless amount of healthy advice out there, but sometimes it's near impossible to know what is actually worth following. Should you ignore gluten? Should you juice everything? Should you run 5k or 500k to be beach bod ready?

Another approach has been given the Kickstarter treatment, in the shape of a DNA Lifestyle Coach that aims to give you recommendations on your health based on your genetics. Not just looking at your diet, this product looks to study your genetic test results and provide you advanced advice on what you eat, how to look younger, how to feel better, and more.