Anyone that has spent any amount of time around a social network will have read the proclamation "This". Usually meaning "I agree with this", or "this is amazing", it has now received the full social treatment, and has been built into a social network of its own.

"This." allows users to post a one link a day, and that's it. The benefits of this, according to the site, is to filter the kind of noise you'd see on social networks like Reddit, Twitter, and the like.

"This.", written with a dot at the end, much to the annoyance of copywriters around the world, is currently available to those who have received an invitation from an existing user, and a quick look across Twitter shows that there is definitely some interest in the small social network.

We're used to fanfare for any potential upcomers, but This. carries itself with the quiet professionalism that it expects from its content. I've only recently managed to land an invite, so I've not had a lot of time to play with the social network, but I will definitely be keeping my eye on This. as it is released to the public.