Planning a successful personalisation project in Umbraco

August 5, 2016 Umbraco, Personalisation, Sitecore

Janusz' talk on planning and implementing a personalisation project within Umbraco, including how to avoid the pitfalls and the tools that we can leverage to...
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Janusz talks about ​Umbraco Development for Large and Distributed Teams

November 2, 2015 umbraco, umbraco festival, development, Project management

Janusz spoke at the Umbraco U.K. Festival on Umbraco Development for large and distributed teams. Here's a snippet of the talk with access to the slides and...
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Mr N Picker

June 29, 2015 umbraco, package, open-source, mr-n-picker

Meet Mr N Picker – A Multi Root Multi Node Tree Picker for Umbraco, created by Mayfly
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Project Yoxo

June 28, 2015 umbraco, pomodoro, agile, umbraco package, pair-programming, micro-agile, Project Yoxo, Mr N Picker

Mayfly Media explain how they delivered the Open Source Umbraco package Mr N Picker during Project Yoxo
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